This website is dedicated to a father whose only wish is to bring back his abducted daughter and to play a meaningful role in her life, her upbringing and her education. His story raises judicial, moral and social questions with far-reaching consequences.

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My name is Sharon Ben Haim, father of two-years-old Ofir. My wife Oshrat and I resided in United States since 2004 and our daughter Ofir was born in United States. A year and a half ago my wife Oshrat Ben Haim deceitfully abducted our daughter to Israel and never returned to our residence since then. My entire world has shattered, as was my family’s; she used my good faith and confidence in her. The disaster of losing my only daughter is indescribable.

For the past year and a half I am taking every legal action I can, for the sole purpose of giving back to Ofir the father she loves so much. I’ve acted both in Israeli and American courts, I even came to Israel according to court’s request, abandoned my job here and lost everything I’ve built in order to return my daughter to me. In all my applications to law authorities in United States and in Israel it was unanimously determined that abduction indeed occurred.

The New Jersey Court ordered the abductor mother to return Ofir here immediately, but to my amazement, for peculiar reasons and against the truth, the justice and existing international laws regarding children’s abductions, the court in Israel has acknowledged the abduction as legitimate and right and is preventing my daughter Ofir’s return here to United States, despite being an American citizen from birth.

OSHRAT BEN-HAIM - Oshrat Abergel

Oshrat Ben Haim – Oshrat Abergel

Oshrat  is preventing me from seeing Ofir and separates her from me in a cruel merciless manner. Even the New Jersey local court order instructing the mother to allow contact with the father on regular times is completely ignored by Oshrat, and except a few Skype conversations in the past Oshrat is preventing any contact and blocks my access to my daughter, and so I’m denied from being a part of her life.

Since my daughter was separated from me I’m having trouble sleeping at nights, my mental and physical state has deteriorated, I’m trying to hold on to the hope that maybe someone can influence my partner to give me what I rightfully deserve – being a part of my daughter Ofir’s life. I am trying to reach out to various people for help, advice, guidance, etc.

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