$26 million suit against Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein International Fellowship Of Christians & Jews.

A federal court in New Jersey today has scheduled its first hearing forApril16th on a lawsuit against Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein’s International Fellowship of Christians & Jews, the New Israel Fund and several Israeli officials.
The lawsuit seeks over $26 million from each Defendant, “for gross violations of human rights and torture arising out of an institutionalized discriminatory policy of disengaging and separating fathers from their minor children”.

Bring Ofir Home

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

The three Israeli fathers who filed the lawsuit say Eckstein deceives Evangelical Christians by using their donations to support radical feminists in their anti-father crusade to break up the Israeli family.

“These are well-meaning Christians,”says Guy Shamir, spokesman for the Coalition for the Children & the Family in Israel (CCFI). “They support family values and would be horrified at how Eckstein misuses their donations.” Shamir estimates 9,000 fathers every year get trapped into sub-human conditions in the Israeli judicial system.

Last year the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights called on Israel to amend its laws to ease the burden on fathers seeking custody or visitation rights with their children. “It amazes me that Eckstein continues to sponsor the anti-father crusade even after all this came to light,” states Shamir.

The lead Plaintiff against Eckstein, Sharon Ben-Haim, claims his ex-wife kidnapped his two year-old daughter from the USA to Israel. When he tried to exercise his parental rights under the Hague Convention on international child abduction; he hit a brick wall in the Israeli legal system. “Words cannot express how much I miss my daughter,” says Ben-Haim, “My hea rt is broken.”

The Ben-Haim custody battle was heard in a New Jersey Superior Court. Bonnie J. Mizdol, the presiding judge in that case, ruled that Ben-Haim’s daughter was being illegally held in Israel and ordered her immediate return to the USA. In her August 25, 2011 ruling Mizdol noted, “This Court finds that the entire situation was laden with duress,” concerning the father’s experience in the Israeli judiciary.

Israeli authorities refuse to honor the court’s order, which Shamir attributes to a massive campaign by feminists to destroy father-child relationships. “Radical feminist groups have deep pockets to threaten Israeli authorities. A substantial portion of those deep pockets are Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein’s American Evangelical donors,” says Shamir.

An Israeli Evangelical father, who does not want to be identified, states his children are being forcibly converted to Orthodox Judaism in the sa me Israeli family courts. “It fundamentally violates the Human Rights Treaty which Israel signed,” he says. “What is worse is American Evangelicals have no idea they actually cause great harm to the Body in Israel by donating to Eckstein.”
Another Plaintiff in this lawsuit, Sol Havivi, is a disabled veteran and single father.

He recounts horrible physical and verbal abuse he has suffered while pleading for help. Havivi says he has recordings of an official admitting they distorted their reports to deny him equal access to assistance that they provide to disabled single mothers in similar situations. “Eckstein uses your donated money to perpetuate a fraud against men and has a warped idea of the ‘poor woman’ syndrome,” states Havivi. “Nothing could be farther from the truth.”

The International Fellowship of Christians & Jews (IFCJ) quotes Genesis 12:3, which calls on Gentiles to bless Jews, as their justification for collecting donations from Evangelical Christians. The lawsuit states, “While the donors believe in the strength of the families, IFCJ sends money to organizations

such as Na’Amat in Israel, which are devoted to the break-up of Jewish families, annihilation of men in divorce, and disengagement of fathers from children.”

The IFCJ has already had difficulty securing legal representation in this case. According to the court file, their current attorney is the third after the first two were terminated soon after filing each of their appearances. The IFCJ headquarters in Chicago was not available for comment and their office in Israel was not aware of the lawsuit at the time of this writing.Reference: Sharon Ben Haim, et al vs. Neeman, et al (#2:12-cv-00351-JLL-MAH)


Published On Tuesday, March 27, 2012 12:46 PM  Yourjewishnews.com/By Eli Daniel


  1. Hes a ripoff artist. How does ear 5 million in the year 2020 2 years from no he can collect that hard cadh.while the ppl on TV r frezzin to death .you should see his house in new york n florida. His wife earns 1 million a year.tax free under the rule of jewish sinagogs worship. In her own home

  2. Hayley L Harvey

    Everyone needs to research all Charities because the fact is Most are all scams and they are allowed to continue n get away with it. If it’s not apart of the Jesuit Corruption $$$$ then any other kind of scam will be broadcasted on the News but it will be hidden from us all these fake Corrupted Chsrties ran by Satan Lovers who sell their souls to gain Fortune… Obviously they care more about Money and don’t care about living eternity in hell. This is why No one wants to give to any Charities which hurts any real ones if there is such a thing. My Mom donated to 2 or 3 and since she started her mailbox has been getting Fuller n Fuller from All these scam Charities. That’s why I’m checking on them right now. It’s very clear that once one of these charities gets donations the others are given her information so they can all ask her for donations and suck her dry. It’s what they do best take take until you are completely poor or can barely survive.

  3. Edward Wright

    Is the money being collected helping those Jews that are in dire need? Is those living in Russia, and the Ukraine being helped by the funds raised?

  4. Lets get the word out about this! My parents were giving everything extra they had and their name and address was sold to hundreds of other scam organizations….

  5. T

    I am deeply touched by those pitiful cold and hungry old women on his Passover commercials. I was thinking he sure looks fat and wealthy next to them and thought HE should house and feed them with all the $millions he pulls I. Instead he (who just died) and wifey have multiple mansions (and now the daughter). Since research DONE, I would never give to this!

  6. Anonymous

    Eckstein died on 2/6/2019 and they’re still promoting his face and persona on TV. Fraudulent

  7. Judy davis

    I don’t know what to do Iam a Christian I donate to Rabbi Eckstein
    I see all these thinks about his charity not being used for taking care of hungry Jews and the Bible says to help his people. I don’t know
    Now should I still donate I don’t know what charity is not a scam
    I didn’t know he was divorced if he
    Was an Orthodox Jew I thought they didn’t believe in divorce?
    Am I supporting him to have a home in new York Florida and Israel when
    Iam living just above poverty after my husbands death and my health made me stop work maybe I should just give to my church only Iam praying God will show me what to do

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