Demand for Compensation, Article by Jonathan Lis


Mr. Aluf Ben, Editor in chief

Haaretz Daily Newspaper

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Tel Aviv, Israel    

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Re:  Demand for Compensation, Article by Jonathan Lis

Re:  MK Orly Levy

Dear Mr. Ben,

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Sharon Ben Haim and I live in New Jersey, USA.  I take action in the Israeli father’s rights activities in the USA.  My daughter has been kidnapped from the USA and because of Edna Arbel and her radical feminist ideology, she ruled that my daughter will not be returned to me.  She also said that I consented to the abduction.  As a result I sued her in the US, as well as the former Ministers of Welfare and Justice.

I am now ready to coordinate a suit against Haaretz in New Jersey Federal Court for publishing defamatory statements against Amir Shipperman, and the group of men who were present at the Knesset Committee hearing on December 24, 2013 chaired by Orly Levi Abaksis and Aliza Lavie.  Haaretz is distributed in New Jersey, therefore jurisdiction to sue you exists.  the logistics of how you will be sued will be arranged.  You should also know that in Pennsylvania, the organization called ELI (a child protection “charity” owned by Hanita Zimrin) was sued, and as a result, donors stopped making donations and now ELI was shut down.

Now, after this brief introduction, i will set forth the libel.  MK Orly Levy Abuksis said that Mr. Amir Shipperman sent to her an email containing a picture of a gun, and she was frightened.  You reporter Jonathan Lis was present at Knesset, but not in the room.  He appeared chatting with MK Zehava Galon, and shortly thereafter he published an article stating the female members of Knesset are frightened.  MK Levy Abuksis because of the email with the gun, and MK Lavie because she saw a picture of her in a bikini.

You client recklessly published these false statements without checking basic facts.  This is in addition to making a completely false description of the terror that these female MKs instilled on the men who tried to make statements but were rudely interuppted time and time again.

As to MK Levy-Abaksis, she never received any email with a picture of a gun.  Your reporter should have demanded to see it.  The fact is that it does not exist, because no email was ever sent.  On the other hand, I believe that she did see randomly on the internet a picture of her carrying a gun, dressed as a feminist Jihad soldier (reference to Yulia Shamalov Berkovich, who called these feminists “Feminist Jihadist”.  Once you see the picture, you will agree that no gun was pointed at Levy Abuksis.  On the contrary, the picture depicts her as carrying the gun, and ready to shoot (obviously at any random man she can find).  The caricature was never sent to her, and it is obvious from the picture that she was never threatened.

As to the other MK Lavie, a picture of her in a bikini is not a threat by all means.  There exists a picture of her on public domain in a bikini, which states “I am suffering from objectification of women”, which is merely a reference to the feminists’ tendency to treat any men as “objectifying women”.  Needless to remind you that MK Levi-Abaksis was a model herself and she willingly objectified herself.

Thus in both circumstances, the claim that reporter Jonathan Lis made were false, and the two MKs were not threatened at all.  Levi Abaksis was portrayed as a soldier of radical feminism, which is true, per se.  MK Lavie was portrayed as suffering from objectification, which is also true.

Thus, the report was maliciously made, without checking the basic facts.

I expect an apology to be printed by Ms. Jonathan Lis, (because he did make false statements), that he interviews the men who were in the Knesset (to balance the general picture he painted), and bring their full statements as to what they wanted to say, but rudely interrupted, and compensation in the amount of $50,000 (to rectify the wrong committed).

In the future, when you write about men’s rights, fathers’ rights, women’s rights, family courts, rabbinical courts, we expect you to collect a statement from the fathers’ rights persons in Israel, so as to present to your readers a full unbiased picture.


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