The Court above the Supreme Court

A debate between parents regarding the state in which their daughter will be raised became a world-wide legal complication. The Israeli Supreme Court determined that the daughter will remain in Israel, but the New Jersey Supreme Court determined in a precedential decision that the Israeli ruling should be overturned and ordered the child’s return to United States | Tova Tzimuki


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New Jersey Supreme Court Vs. Jerusalem Supreme Court

A Court in New Jersey ordered the return of an Israeli couple’s daughter to her father in United States, in opposition to the Israeli Supreme Court’s decision supporting her stay in Israel • The Judge: I cannot afford comity when the Israeli decision is fundamentally incorrect. • • •Itamar Levin

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Supreme Court Overturned Previous Rulings: The Girl will Stay in Israel


Israeli couple resided in United States and their two years old daughter was born there • The father claimed that the mother’s and daughter’s stay in Israel constitutes abduction, but the Supreme Court determined that he had consented to their stay in Israel• • • Itamar Levin

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                      Supreme Court: The Husband is Abroad, the Daughter Remains in Israel with the Mother

The Supreme Court determined that a woman, who divorced her husband who resides in United States, will raise their daughter in Israel until the custody issue is clarified…..Aviad Glikman

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Following a Father’s Claim for His Daughter’s Return, the Court Ordered the Mother to Return Her to United States Immediately

Family court in Nazareth ordered the return of a minor to United States after being abducted by her mother to Israel, determining that the minor’s habitual residence is United States and that no harm will be inflicted upon her if she were to return to the country in which she was born. editorial

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